Incorporating A Life Of Faith Within A Funeral Service

If you have a loved one who has recently passed away who was strong in their Christian faith, you might have questions regarding how to best reflect their life during the funeral. On one hand, it can be hard to fully summarize a faithful life during the two hour window that you're given during the service-- but on the other hand, to not attempt it at all, simply isn't an option if you want to do justice to the remembrance of your loved one. Perhaps the trickiest part of planning a funeral service for a faithful individual is knowing what to include, how to best incorporate the fullness of their faith, and even which stories might be best saved to share around the dinner table after the service ends. While you decide what might be best for your situation, consider these simple ways to remember your loved one's faith during the funeral service:

Let Music Reflect the Individual

Many people picture the music of a funeral to be somber hymns, which are perfect if that's the kind of music that the departed would have liked to listen to most. In today's modern world, however, churches and Christian groups across America are beginning to embrace more contemporary music during services-- a trend that may have caught on with your loved one. If the person who has passed away enjoyed more contemporary praise and worship music that included guitars and other instruments, don't be afraid to incorporate some of those songs into the service. Worshipping God with the music that your loved one liked is a great way to reflect their faith, so feel free to use whatever songs best represent them-- even if they're not traditional hymns.

Incorporate Friends and Family

Getting not only blood-related family members but church "family" involved in the entire funeral process is a great way to give those who were close to your loved one a final farewell. You know those people best, but consider allowing them to get involved in several different ways: telling a brief funny or meaningful story during the service, reading one of your loved one's favorite Scripture passages, or helping to carry the casket if help is needed. If shy friends want to be a part of the funeral, but aren't comfortable with stepping up front, contemplate the possibility of allowing them to help with any meal preparations that may accompany the service. As a part of the group of those who knew your loved one best, church family can help you to pull off the funeral that fully reflects the life of faith you want to remember. Talk to professionals like Louis Suburban Chapel's Inc, for more information.