Tips For Getting A Co-Worker To Attend Your Church

When you're an active member of your church, you may feel a desire to get people from various parts of your life to attend services and worship with you. This is especially true if you really like someone or see issues in his or her life that you believe worship can help. If you're thinking about asking a work colleague to attend a church service with you, there are several ways that you can go about this idea. Some people can occasionally feel resistant to being told that they "should" attend church, so treading lightly and being respectful should be the name of the game. Here are some tips to employ.

Wait For A Big Event

There's absolutely nothing wrong with asking your co-worker to attend a church service with you, but one idea that can often work is to wait until the church has a big event scheduled. This can be an easy introduction into the church congregation — something that is handy for someone who perhaps hasn't previously attended church. For example, if your church has a summer picnic or barbecue, these might be ideal events to which you could invite your co-worker. While there may be some prayer or hymns, the main focus is on fun, which can be enticing to this person.

Focus On The People

Because spirituality is a personal topic for many people, blurting out that you think your church's message would be important for your co-worker won't always go over well. Instead of focusing on the message, one approach is to talk about the people. For example, you might say how your pastor gives sermons each Sunday that provide you with ample food for thought throughout the entire week, and that you wonder if your colleague might also enjoy these remarks. Or, if you're attending an event outside of the church, talk about how the church elders are welcoming and the congregation, as a whole, is warm and friendly.

Emphasize No Obligation

You don't want your colleague to feel as though you're forcing him or her into attending church with you, so make sure to take a no-obligation standpoint. For example, instead of talking about your colleague becoming a member of the congregation, take an approach that is less formal. Invite him or her to attend a service and use phrases such as, "To see if it's a fit for you" and "To see if you feel at home with us." You'll often find that your co-worker will indeed be interested in attending, especially if you've taken the above approach.

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