Tips For A Better Family Bible Study

Studying the scriptures with a group is a great way to gain new insights and bring consistency to your study.  Creating a family bible study can be especially rewarding as family members share personal experiences and grow together through the routine. Here are some tips for enjoying a great family bible study. Consistency Perhaps the most important step in establishing a family bible study is creating a routine.  Set aside a specific time where the family can be together for reading and discussing. Read More 

The Shepherd Of Psalm 23 Will Guide You Through Your Adversity

No matter what religious background or belief you hold, you're likely familiar with Psalm 23-- a Biblical passage often read at funerals across America to comfort those who mourn. While you may have heard the chapter many times and might possibly even be able to quote it from memory, not everyone is familiar with the meaning behind the popular collection of verses. In the everyday American life, it's rare to encounter a shepherd-- so calling God a shepherd in the passage and equating the hard parts of life with shepherding analogies can be just as helpful as using metaphors from the local grocery store. Read More 

Incorporating A Life Of Faith Within A Funeral Service

If you have a loved one who has recently passed away who was strong in their Christian faith, you might have questions regarding how to best reflect their life during the funeral. On one hand, it can be hard to fully summarize a faithful life during the two hour window that you're given during the service-- but on the other hand, to not attempt it at all, simply isn't an option if you want to do justice to the remembrance of your loved one. Read More 

Three Mistakes Youth Pastors Should Avoid

The teenage years of life can be some of the hardest years to navigate due to social and peer pressures, school drama, and the normal process of transitioning from a teenager to an adult. As a youth pastor, at a church like Crossroads Baptist Church, your job is to help the students within your youth group navigate that tricky time by teaching them to rely on God, reach out to others, and live their lives through the focus of love. Read More